Hy-Notes: David Bowie – 5 Years

5 Of The Coolest Things I Learned:

  1. Bowie admired Andy Warhol and also felt competitive with him. Wrote a song about him on Hunky Dory that Warhol openly hated.
  2. Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman played piano on “Life On Mars?”
  3. Bowie collaborated with Luther Vandross on the Young Americans album.
  4. In addition to Ziggy Stardust, Bowie developed a character called The Thin White Duke for the Station to Station album.
  5. Starred as the title character in the play “The Elephant Man” on Broadway.

My Review: 

“David Bowie: 5 Years” takes a look at 5 of Bowie’s most important years as an artist and examines his ever-changing persona including where he lived, the songs he made, and the clothes he wore. There are interviews with all the major players involved (except Bowie himself, despite this pre-dating his death) including Brian Eno and Nile Rodgers. The fact that these five years were not sequential does spoil a bit of the documentary’s premise, as the jarring changes in Bowie’s character are more believable when realizing that time has passed in between. But it is thorough, informative and taught someone like me with almost no knowledge of his career a great deal.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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