Hy- Notes : Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me


Hyden is not interested in score settling or contending for TMZ. In Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me he strips the mythology away from some of music’s greatest rivalries/feuds and focuses on the far more relatable and enduring human elements. Patience is at times required of the reader as Hyden often goes on personal tangents with varying degrees of fulfillment towards the larger point he is trying to make. But ultimately I saw endearment in his quirky writing style that and was willing to go along on his layered journey. The reader will find themselves thinking of even the most tired debates (Beatles vs. Stones, Prince vs. Michael Jackson) in new ways that go far beyond who’s music is superior.  The irony is that by, for the most part, not choosing sides, Hyden points out their futility and by doing so may have settled them all anyway.

Rating: 4.5/5

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