Hy-Notes: If I Leave Here Tomorrow – A Film About Lynyrd Skynyrd

Before watching If I Leave Here Tomorrow I knew almost nothing about Lynyrd Skynyrd save for its two greatest hits and the fact that the band met its demise in plane crash. Needless to say what I learned here ran the full range – from obvious (a band that sang “Sweet Home Alabama” was actually from Jacksonville, Florida), funny (the actual Leonard Skinner was a gym teacher), and profound (a clear-the-air segment on the band’s use of the Confederate flag and imagery). The plane crash is threaded throughout the film which makes its use as the inevitable conclusion less heartbreaking, if only slightly. One of the most interesting elements is an absence of “what could’ve been” -esque musings that are commonplace when the subject(s) ended prematurely. It speaks to Lynyrd Skynyrd being a bunch of down to earth guys who faced everything from huge success to death with an enviable matter of fact attitude.

Rating: 4.5/5


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