Hy – Notes : The Making Of Kind Of Blue

5 Of The Coolest Things I Learned: 

  1. Recorded in 2 days in Spring 1959.
  2. The album predominantly feature modal playing  – instead of chord changes, used a mode so as to not be married to a progression. An attempt to make music simpler.
  3. Every take heard on the record was the first take.
  4. 7 weeks between the recording dates for sides 1 and 2.
  5. Miles played “So What” and “All Blues” live, but only for another eight years.


There is no genre of music where an album is so universally acknowledged as its best like jazz is with Kind Of Blue. I’ve been a big fan since college and couldn’t wait to learn more! This documentary is a great combination of narrative fact and subjectivity. And with subjectivity often comes ambiguity which any viewer should accept while watching this documentary. As much as some of the very qualified people tried (Herbie Hancock’s opinions are unsurprisingly a highlight), the stature of Kind Of Blue’s legacy and why it is the Miles Davis album is largely a mystery. But it is an informative watch nonetheless. The uncertainty paints a broader picture.

Rating: 4/5

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