Hy-Notes : Outside The Jukebox



Written by creator Scott Bradlee, Outside The Jukebox is an extension of the modest, DIY charm that has endeared Postmodern Jukebox to audiences around the world. His tales of clumsy trials in young adulthood are told in a hilariously self deprecating fashion and make the eventual success of PMJ seem all the more improbable.  Bradlee appears genuinely grateful (and somewhat dumbfounded) for his success and passionate about extending what he knows to help benefit other musicians. He’s an unabashed music geek and there are more than a few “if-you’re-a-musician-you-get-it” type moments of hilarity that were comforting and reassuring. Bradlee is a new kind of success story and it was fascinating to read about the quantifiable aspects of internet fame – views, shares, comments – that we don’t think about their monetary value. It was interesting to see the process of expanding a silly YouTube video into a full blown brand.

For all the artistic and business parables found in Outside The Jukebox,  at its core is a story about finding your voice, perserving, and not losing sight of yourself. Everything old is new again.

P.S. I love that he’s managed by 1/2 of the guys who sang “Crazy For This Girl.”

Rating: 5/5

P.P.S. Thanks to Scott for replying back to me when I posted about his book on Instagram!

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