Hy – Notes: Somebody To Love – The Life, Death And Legacy Of Freddie Mercury

5 Of The Coolest Things I Learned:

  1. Grew up going to boarding school in India.
  2. Mercury deeply idolized Jimmy Hendrix, going so far as to follow him all over London.
  3. The stage name “Mercury” came from a line of a song on Queen’s first album – “O Mother Mercury, what have you done to me?”
  4. Peter Gabriel tried to pry Roger Taylor away from Queen to be the drummer for Genesis.
  5. All four members of Queen wrote a Top 10 hit.


It’s almost as if Somebody To Love tries to overcompensate for the privacy Mercury maintained about his personal life, with extensive re-tellings of his trysts and relationships that outweigh the page time spent on his music. There’s also quite a lot of space devoted to the general history of HIV/AIDS, which, while informative, feels like it’s in poor taste given Mercury’s adamant wishes to not be defined by the illness. The collision course structure used to frame Mercury’s life and AIDS felt less tragic and more like a poorly written horror movie. Somebody To Love tells Freddie’s personal story but leaves much to be desired for the man as a musician and performer.

Rating: 2/5

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