Hy-Notes: Sound Pictures – The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin Volume 2

Sound Pictures is the second of a two part book series about the “Fifth Beatle,” following last year’s excellent Maximum Volume. But while volume 1 was chalk full of interesting tidbits for even the most ardent of Beatles fans (*raises hand*), Sound Pictures was a thorough disappointment. Despite it’s advertisement of covering 50 years of Martin’s life (it starts at Revolver), a paltry 100 out of a 493 pages were devoted to Martin’s post-Beatle years. Even more disappointing is the thorough recounting of already well documented Beatles sessions and the direct pasting of quotes from various other Beatle-related text. While it is blatantly apparent Martin’s post-Beatle years were not as dense or dramatic, there is plenty of potentially untapped information to be unearthed rather than the re-stating of surface level facts. It begs into serious question whether or not this could’ve been condensed into one excellent book rather than dragging out into a second largely superfluous edition. Sound Pictures just doesn’t bring very much new to the table for anyone with more than cursory knowledge of The Fab Four.

Rating: 2.5/5


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