Hy-Notes : Watch You Bleed – The Saga Of Guns ‘N Roses

5 Of The Coolest Things I Learned:
1. Benny and the Jets with its stadium effects inspired Axl Rose to be a musician.
2. Lenny Kravitz went to grade and high school with Slash.
3. Slash auditioned for Poison and barely lost out to CC Deville.
4. Two members of GnR quit three days before their first tour. Axl called Slash and Steven to join the band. Slash only said yes as a way of stealing Axl for his own band.
5. Steven Adler threatened to quit if he didn’t get a cut of the publishing despite barely playing on Appetite For Destruction.



Stephen Davis’s Watch You Bleed is 400 + pages of a sex, drugs and rock and roll odyssey. In the case of GnR, this cliché leans more on the side of cautionary rather than aspirational but if nothing else the band is at least consistent in its debauchery. Be warned – unless you have an insatiable appetite for these tall tales the reader, like large factions of music business and concert industry, will be over this band by 1992. Axl Rose with his perpetual tardiness and abusive behavior is especially dislikable. Watch You Bleed is awkwardly paced, opting for only 12 large, disproportionate chapters augmented by sub-headlines which give away what’s really worth paying attention to. The thorough recalling of so many of the bands live gigs seemed like a shameless, superfluous way of filling out a biography about a band with such a short life span.

Rating: 3/5

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