Nick Black on “Because Of You”

Nick Black is an actor, model, and musician based in Los Angeles, California. This is his song story.


What is the song and who is it by?

Because of You – Kelly Clarkson

Do you remember the first time you heard it? Did you know right away it was going to be a meaningful song to you or did it grow on you?

My older sister and I were pulling into our driveway when I was 11. We parked the car and looked over and noticed she was crying. When I asked her what was wrong she just asked if she could be alone. She was killed in a car accident a year later.

Do you remember the last time you heard it or went out of your way to listen to it? 

I hardly go out of my way to listen to it. It’s a pretty sad song and has a very depressing memory but oddly, listening to it is kind of therapeutic. It helped me grieve and get through the tougher times right after she passed away. I think the last time I listened to it was senior year of college. We did a project where we brought in a song that we couldn’t live without and I thought of choosing this one.

Fill in the blank: If this song came on at a bar or restaurant I would probably..

Cry and try to change the song.

Do you know how to play the song and have you ever performed it?

Yes but Ive never performed it.

If you could put this song at one point in the Lifetime TV movie about you, what would it be and why? (Opening credits, coming of age scene, action sequence, love interest scene, closing credits, etc. Bonus points for creativity!)

Probably during a scene right after my sister passed. Possibly a funeral scene! And if it were a musical, definitely be performing.

What is your favorite lyric (or musical moment, if instrumental) of the song and why?

“I will not make the same mistakes that you did. I will not let myself cause my heart so much misery…” – before her death, my sister was seeing a boy who was very bad for her. He was disrespectful, rude, and was very into heavy drug use. But she was convinced she loved him and could “save” him. And a year later he drove her in a car, 10 times over the legal limit drunk on the highway, crashed the car, and killed them both. I love my sister but the last year of her life I saw a different side of her that was brought out of this toxic relationship. And I will never let myself make those mistakes.

Fill in the blank: If someone told you “I HATE ‘Because of You’” you would say.. 

I totally understand!! It’s depressing as f***. But I have a weird attachment to it so I’ll never be able to hate. But you do you, bro!

How do you feel about other versions of the song? Do you not like hearing anything other than your favorite version or do you enjoy it regardless of who’s singing? 

I think most versions of this song are great! Definitely a song that requires a strong singer. And no matter what version, the words still carry the tune.

Why is this song so important to you?

It feels like the last connection I have to my sister. She was my best friend and I miss her everyday and she is my number 1 inspiration! Without this song, I’m not sure how well a 12 year old boy in rural Pennsylvania would’ve have dealt with the untimely death of his best friend.



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