Playlist – 10 Essential Partridge Family Songs

I once had a huge Partridge Family phase thanks to my Dad introducing me to the TV show. I was at just the right age (middle school) to be smitten with the show’s bubble gum pop soundtrack. With the passing of David Cassidy I was inspired to go back and listen to those songs for the first time in a while and turns out they still hold up! Here are 10 of my favorites… (in no particular order)

Echo Valley 2-6809 – Written by Rupert Holmes, best remembered for the “Pina Colada” song. The spoken part is super cheesy but it’s a beautifully lush song otherwise.

I Think I Love You – The signature tune of The Partridge Family. The craftsmanship of the song and track are absurdly brilliant. There’s the immediate hook at the beginning (which never comes back around by the way!), a randomly awesome harpsichord solo, and at least 4 different hooks around the title. 

To Be Lovers – The first song I heard on the show that stuck with me to the point where I sought it out to listen again afterwards. Despite the verses being sung by a session guy and the bridge by David Cassidy (awkward), it’s an under appreciated gem.

Point Me In The Direction of Albuquerque –  Despite the fact that these songs were featured on the show, “Albuquerque” is one of the very few that actually ties directly into an episode’s plot line.

I Woke Up In Love This Morning – Pretty much an attempt at writing “I Think I Love You” part two, right down to the harpsichord. But hey, can’t blame the writers for trying to emulate a #1 hit I guess.

Looking Through The Eyes of Love – Unlike most on this list, a cover song (written by famed Brill Building team Mann/Weil) rather than one written especially for The Patridge Family. But it makes the list because it’s a brilliant pop piece.

Bandala – Taken from possibly the greatest episode of the series (excluding the Christmas one). Keith Partridge himself described it as “sort of an afro thing.”

It’s One Of Those Nights (Yes Love) – Might be the closest to a full blown Phil Spector production any Partridge Family song ever got. Flutes, Bari sax, big backup vocals. 

Let The Good Times In – Oh the groooovy 70s vibe is practically dripping off this record. But its earnest nature is charming.

Doesn’t Somebody Want To Be Wanted – That David Cassidy spoken bit is so pandering and painful. It almost detracts from a great song. Almost.


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