The Vinyl Wall: Pet Sounds

Wall Worthy because…

My uncle took my brother and I to see The Beach Boys’ 50th Anniversary Tour in 2012. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college and I was going through a crisis of sorts. I had broken up with my serious girlfriend, gotten into an almost unrepairable fight with my best friend, and was going through acrimony in my usually harmonious summer job. I was feeling stuck and bored. I saw the show in the midst of all this and was totally blown away. I was motivated to investigate further and Pet Sounds was the obvious place to start. It was EXACTLY what I needed. The songwriting inspired me. The orchestrations challenged me. I still hold Pet Sounds as an all time album based on the quality of its content alone but it undoubtedly gets a boost for the rut it got me out of. 

My Favorite Song on the album is…
Wouldn’t It Be Nice” – check out this version with just the vocals. Almost heavenly.

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