The Vinyl Wall: Pretty Odd

Wall Worthy Because…

I was prompted to listen through all of Panic! At The Disco’s albums when I got tickets to see a double bill show of them and Weezer. All of their 5 albums are solid but Pretty Odd is seen by most fans as the black sheep. It doesn’t have the rabid adulation of A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and it gets lost among fans of the more recent Urie-fronted pop stuff (Vices and Virtues through Death of a Bachelor). But it’s easily my favorite album of theirs. It’s a very 60s-baroque-pop inspired album which is a style I’ve always gravitated to but I think there are enough lyrical touches that plant it firmly in the 21st century as well. I also really admire Panic for having the stones to turn 180 degrees from the vaudevillian emo odyssey of Fever. Great album cover too.

My Favorite Song on the album is…
Mad as Rabbits” (ok, it’s probably “Nine in the Afternoon,” but that’s the only song on this album everyone knows and it’d be a boring answer)

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